D#2 responds to challenge!

In response to my previous blentry, said daughter emails me in response:

Yep, pawned it but only because you were most likely to know, because I noticed how you mainly stick to baking recipes and that must have a reason, and because I knew it would create a fruitful conversation between you!
I think there was a mistake in one line of what you found from that Geiger guy, at the end of the paragraph- he wrote powder instead of soda once.
Very fascinating! ūüôā

So there! Good catch–I didn’t pay enough attention. Sort of like the time that I told a friend to use 1 T* of salt in a recipe for a cake while I was simultaneously making challah, which did call for 1 T of salt, because, well? Because I was too distracted to pay attention.

I paid attention after I had to throw the cake out. I can still taste the salt 40 years later.

I also got another email in response to one that I had sent him. It’s from a friend who is changing jobs and had sent out a mass email explaining the job change and his hopes and regrets. He adds near the end of this first email:

I truly¬†hope to be in touch with many of you in the future. If you would like to¬†directly respond to this e-mail, PLEASE do not hit “reply all”. Thanks!

So my response to him?

Oh I really had a ta’avah (strong urge) for hitting reply all…

I wish you all the luck and energy that you need for this great adventure¬†ahead, [name withheld, duh]. It’s a great time to be rededicating yourself to your work.

Hopefully, they will appreciate you for the gift that you are to the Jewish people.

And so his response to me?

If there was anyone who would have replied all, it would have been you!

Thanks, what?????


*Yes, it should have been only 1 teaspoon of salt. This might also explain why I almost never use salt in my baking. Except for breads.


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