more family

Thankfully, I got reminded of these other things that should stay in my memory bank for a while. Who cares about remembering the silly stuff from our youth? This is the stuff to be remembered.

The 2 year-old, when told that his father is on the bus going to work, answers, “Um, no, he’s not ON the bus; he’s IN the bus.”

He said it again when told they’re going on an airplane today…but this time about the plane.

And after reading one of the best children books (We’re in a Book, by Mo Willems) about a million times to the kids, the 8 year-old reads it to her siblings with the exact intonation that I used.

Who says they don’t listen?

Of course, to the 8 year-old who is plotzing until she gets a pair of Converse sneakers, I tell her about how I was not allowed to wear anything other than saddle shoes. (“What are they?” I tell her.) And that my mother said, “What’s more important? Being strong or being like everyone else?”

Or something like that. I don’t even remember what exactly I told her that she had said. Of course, she never really said that, but that’s what she would have said, if she had thought about it.

But that’s the lesson that I learned that was worth everything.

And for all those ridiculous people who look backwards at how wonderful life was in the “take your pick of decades”, really? Yes, today’s worries are real and fierce, and yes, being able to go outside without worry was wonderful, but we were blissfully ignorant of the monsters unseen. Now at least we know the monsters.

And so, I’ll take these days with all their blessings and warts, thank you very much.


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