family first

Some vignettes of the last week will have to do until I get home.

  1. When the 6 year-old was reading to his 2 year-old cousin and trying his best to s-o-u-n-d out the word m-u-f-f, saying “muh, muh, fuh, fuh…”, the smart-aleck 2 year-old says “um, I don’t think that’s the word…”
  2. When the 10 year-old can’t find her iPod, her mother knows to call her niece to find it. The parents of said niece agree that they turn to her to find things all the time. Sure enough, she says, “sure, it’s either downstairs where we were filming our video or else in her room, but I think it’s probably downstairs.” It was.
  3. When the glass of plain water, no ice, shows up on our restaurant table, ISHI thinks that he telepathically ordered it; I think that the waiter looked at him and figured out he needs it, and actually, it was our wonderful son who did a great chessed and ordered it for his poor father while he was washing his hands.

Family. If you can’t beat them, then you’re really lucky if you can join them.


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