oh the things i didn’t get a picture of today

Like, for example, the lady pushing the pink baby stroller.

With a dog inside.

Like the Ansel Adams photo poster falling apart, lying at the street corner, right next to the sign post for the church.

Like the family in the chain store, like an inverted Matryoshka doll set, each member larger than the older one. I’m glad I don’t have a photo of that.

And I realized how much we do think in pictures, but does that change our brain? I know there’s all kinds of studies about how we’re changing due to the social media we’re exposing ourselves to and with, but does it do the next step? Does, let’s say, our affinity to visual cues nurture us more towards thinking in pictures, like Temple Grandin explains so powerfully in her book Thinking in Pictures? Just a thought.

Or two.

But I did get some other photos.

The lady’s slippers at least matched the baby stroller.


2 responses

    • Thank you! I’m so impressed with the level of skill and talent that is necessary for producing any of these. So I can happily just snap a photo and pass them along.

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