Dear Unknown,

I can promise you very little.

But I will promise you that if you do not declare yourself to me, I will do the same.

And that goes ditto for your friends Blocked, Pactel, anything with an 888 number, Friends of Police (aren’t we all?), and all your relatives.

I will also not run to answer anyone’s number I do not recognize. I will not jump through hoops. I will let the phone machine pay its keep.

Oh, it does.

I do not have a smartphone. (I do have a simple cellphone that I use when I have to.)

I am fascinated by these commercials where the disembodied Siri acts as a servant for the celebrities who are making money for being there. Upstairs Downstairs for the 21st century.

But I am happy using the technology slowly, if not smartly.

Here are some photos from a nature walk we took yesterday on a glorious day. This path is 7 minutes from my house by foot.

Not bad.


I know I’ve said I like full blossom, but potential is nice, too.


One more lovely setting that people provided.


And now into the woods! (As always, click on any of them to open them up wide.)

This is the kind of unknown I want to get to know.


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