forget about who moved the cheese*

I want to know was it worth it?

I shop at a few different supermarkets, depending on time and direction and weather. So this one market has been out of my loop for about a month, I guess since they started their redecorating process.

The good news is that this obviously is a sign of good economic times for them, that they thought to expand. The bad news is that it makes things very difficult for us consumers.

I realize that my post yesterday means that it is good to mix things up. I know that it’s good for the brain. But I just didn’t want that exercise today, thank you. A very nice (older) woman offered me her list of aisles and items.

“Thank you, but that would mean that I would have to look at the list and where I’m going. And that would also mean I should know what I wanted. That’s really okay. You can keep it.”

You see, I know what I came to get, but I didn’t know what else I might find. Eyes open and all that.

I really didn’t need any cheese, so that wasn’t a problem.

They didn’t have soy flour. I didn’t find any organic potatoes. They only had blueberry kefir, not plain.

I’m not sure what else I didn’t get.

But I’ve already found I’ve got what I need.

* I just saw that they actually made a version of that silly book for kids.


Maybe that’s the target audience for the original. Sorry if I offended anyone who liked it.

Or at least maybe I should be. Convince me , if you want.


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