okay now i will talk about yesterday

and our trip to the museum.

But a trip to the museum seems to always have other stuff around it, right?

We started out with a lovely group of four of us women. Before we left on our way, though, T got a call from her neighbor. I’m going to assume it was a frantic one, since what I heard on my end involved lots of blood and alternative plans for her girls. It seems that the little brother got a deep cut in his hand which would require a visit to the emergency room. No problem–we found booster seats and snacks and spring jackets and loaded them up into the van.

Road trip!

And so we enjoyed.

They were wonderful, those girls. The only difference it made having them there is I had to pay attention to what I was saying in the car. Something about girl swimmers vs boy swimmers. I don’t even remember now.


And yes, I found myself back in teacher mode. “What do you see that’s the same in these two pictures?”

“What’s different?”

“Oh, I didn’t notice that–great find!”

And yes, it’s different than being a grandmother. These girls listen.

Or at least enough to make me feel good.

But I did get a chance to take some photos that I thought were interesting.

Who knew my camera did this thing with the outlining? That’s what you get when you look at the settings.

Changing focus just a bit now:

And now some shadow-play.

Oh, and the kid’s all right.


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