i don’t understand algorithms

But I’ve never really tried.

I don’t know how a car works, but I know when it’s working and when it’s not.

That definitely points out the problem, like the times when my car died on the New Jersey turnpike and when our engine overheated on the Palisades Parkway (yes, maybe New Jersey is the problem, but no, it’s just that you can’t get there from here. Or “You cahn’t get theyah from heeah.”)

So why am I thinking of driving down to NJ in a couple of weeks rather than taking the train?

I thought it might be cheaper. It probably is, even when renting a car for a week. But the train is for the most part very civilized, so I guess I will stick with my original plan after all.

Anyway, it’s like all these things that we don’t understand in our world, but we depend on how they work, or relatively work, to get by. That includes most of what we deal with, such as prayer, medicine, relationships, and computers.

In no particular order.

So I know that algorithms govern how things show up on google, for example, but that doesn’t mean I get it. I can look at an article on algorithms, find out that the word comes from the Arabic (that makes sense with the “al-” beginning and also having to do with algebra), but that doesn’t help me. I could take a course on it, but I don’t need it to help me with my web work. Statistics are meaningless without direction. And I know that you have to apply the formula to give it the direction, so we’re back to square one.

And what draws me to this subject?

For a while now, every time I publish a new blentry, WordPress gently offers suggestions of tags that I may want to add to help drive people to my page.

And every time, it wants me to add “vacation” and “travel”, even if I’m talking about food for Pesach or something happening in Israel.

Like this one.

Oh, I guess I understand it about how they, the algorithms, think about Israel.

It’s travel. It’s vacation.

It’s a destination.

But that’s not how I think about Israel.

It’s a destination, alright, but not in that way.

It’s a focal point.

It’s the center of our thoughts.

So when I write about Israel, it’s not just about going there, or even about eventually hopefully sooner than later moving there.

It’s about the center of the Jewish soul.

So how does your algorithm figure that out, WordPress?


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