Thank you, Inbound Zombie!

Thank you, Inbound Zombie. This is the kind of photo that I wanted!

Well, I do have another one, but that will follow shortly.

T and I did a big shopping today, first Whole Foods and then Costco. I wound up (what a great double-entendre word) with a cashier who was so busy not smiling that it hurt.

It hurt everyone around her. Maybe not Costco, but really, lady, would it hurt you to smile just a little?

I made a mistake with punching in my card. I did not want money back, but I pushed the red button and not the little sign on the screen. Bad me.

She told me to swipe it again and this time, follow directions.

I did and then admitted that I got confused by too many options. Red usually means stop.

She actually showed a hint of a smile.


Did it hurt?

But then I got rewarded.

Another woman came by with a carriage filled to the brim with stuff, and on top of it, a gigantic bear!

Yes, stuffed.

Wait, Costco must have a photo of it!

Yes, here it is.

But I really really wanted a photo of how she positioned the bear onto the carriage. But my phone does not send photos. It could, but I don’t pay for that, so what would be the use?

So I asked T to take a photo. By the time that she could, the woman had already started to unpack her car. She put the bear into the front of her car.

It was too big for the car seat.

Yes, you can see the feet!

Didn’t this make you smile?


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