objects in the mirror are closer than they appear

or are they?

Right now we are having our driveway repaved, the first time since we moved here 31 1/2 years ago. It’s needed it for a long time, but since a hole (no idea why, don’t want to fathom a guess, although I could probably do a science fiction or horror story about it) popped up before Pesach, we realized that sooner has now become later.

So we actually did it because the company that was going to do our spring clean-up also advertised for this, so why not? We figured 2 birds, 1 phone call. Of course, nothing is that simple, but bottom line, both are getting done.

So many odd things come to mind about this.

One, the guy that rang the doorbell this morning sounded like a woman. He has the highest voice imaginable that does not fit his image. He looks the part of a rough and tough worker, cig hanging out of his mouth, belly over his belt, waiting for the beer break.

And that got me thinking more about expectations and images.

It’s a metaphor that works for how we just aren’t paying attention. Life moves faster and faster, relativity and all that. And while we’re busy looking at one thing, something else comes up behind us or even in front of us that we didn’t see coming.

Because we were so hyperfocused on the other thing.

Yes, I know the metaphor may be the opposite, but that’s okay.

As long as it got you thinking.

So I didn’t want to take photos outside of them while they were working, but I was so curious and figured okay I can do this from inside. And then, when they were finished, I snuck out and took a few more.

The ones that look like they’re through a screen are.

That’s the one with the high voice.

So we’ll need to do a little gardening. That’s okay.

All done.


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