Dear children

(and by that, I include the DIL’s and the SIL’s [well, the one that would notice such things]…),

You may wonder why I don’t get rid of the ratty towels and sheets that you end up using when you come here.

It’s not that I don’t value you. Quite the contrary. It’s the reality of the poopoo quantity of the amount of stuff you go through! I was really going to take a photo of all the stuff that I laundered but I figured take out the camera or put it away?

And so then of course I thought about writing this, so…

When you bought me the sheets a few years ago as a reward for quitting my job, that was unbelievably sweet and supportive. When I returned some of the sets, it wasn’t because I wasn’t grateful, but because I don’t like duvet covers, so I exchanged them for other sets. Of course I kept the old sets.

Okay, I did retire a few things. Even my new towels and sheets have already worn out and I’m wondering should I start getting new or wait until we move and see what colors to get?

Do you know how much it takes to put all of you up, poopoo?

Of course I love it–I’m not complaining–far from it! But it still requires a lot alot alllot of towels sheets pillows blankets and yes, duvet covers.

That’s why I ordered more before Pesach and that’s why I got boxes during Pesach, for those that didn’t arrive early enough.

And that’s why I have to remember to go over to our neighbor’s house to retrieve the washcloths that some of you did not return when you brought back the linen that you had used when staying there.

But no, I’m not complaining.

I’m trying to teach you the value of stuff and the placement of importance on things. Things wear out.

I certainly do.


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