people are starving so eat your vegetables

today. On Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Memorial Day.

Yes, when I was young, people used to say this. Not my parents, mind you, but it was a well-known and used phrase.

People are starving in “fill in the blank place”, so eat your “fill in the blank”.

Europe                                         vegetables

That’s what it was when I was really young. And although the logic is quite suspect, it was true that there was a limit of food in certain places.

I never got told to eat my veggies; I just never did. How ironic, of course, is it that I am indeed a vegetarian, ovo-lacto-pesca variety…

But why is my attention drawn to food today?

We are so rich. We have so much, really. We cannot complain. We should be grateful for all that we have, even the problems.

So it is so obscene that I read this article today:

Pro-anorexia ‘thinspiration’ photos shouldn’t be banned from social media

We’re afraid of what’s known as “thinspiration,” it seems, because glamorous photos of very skinny women, together with admiring captions, might arouse self-loathing in women, and thereby inspire self-mortification, and in particular anorexia.

The fact that thinspo, as it’s sometimes called, is sassily named and designed to encourage beholders to reduce their weight—”thin” + “inspiration”—doesn’t help anyone looking to defend it as morally or clinically neutral.  There is no “tasteful pictorial” when it comes to thinspiration. It’s all hard-core.

Yes, sick sick sick. The article is not necessarily about the phenomenon, but about the futility of stopping such behavior since it will just boomerang somewhere and somehow else.

But still today, of all days, when reminded of the horrors of the Holocaust, when Jews and yes many many others, were subjected to inhuman unhumane torture, when dogs were treated better than they were, can we not see the decadence of our society?

No photos today, folks.


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