following up

Thankfully, my children have better memories than I do. And some of the memories are actually true, so that’s good, too.

D#1 reminded me that her niece, my granddaughter about whom I wrote yesterday, did reveal 3 life-long dreams, but the order was a bit different than I remembered. Oh at least I remembered there were 3, so I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

The second one was different because she did get to experience it that day.

Her dream was to run down the middle of the street.

Now before you go reporting us to Child Services, this was a street that was closed off to traffic, with a path down the middle.

Sort of like this

but without the police detail.

So after she revealed this life-long dream, she and her cousins were allowed to run down the middle of the street for about 20 5 yards.

That seemed to do the trick for her.

Until she revealed the next life-long dream of eating the tons of candy.

Which brings me to the topic of the title.

What we go through in life is often just dealing with the present crisis. We rarely get to revisit old issues. I thought I had written about ISHI’s life as if he were an emergency room doctor, but perhaps not. But that is the case, running from one crisis to the next. And the reality is that is what we all do, but perhaps not as reactions to other people’s crises, but our own doing.

And we don’t often enough follow up (much less follow through).

And perhaps that’s what counting the Omer is about.

It’s looking forward, but following up. It’s reviewing how long it’s been since leaving Egypt, but moving towards a goal of getting the Torah. So it’s training us, those of us who have problems with time management in particular, how to pay attention to both where we’ve come from and where we’re going.

Sort of like in the middle of a road, with life-long dreams ahead and behind, well-accomplished.


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