odd or inspiring; you take your pick

Here’s a collection of photos from last week. Perhaps I should change my title to “Look UP! No, look DOWN!”

Or perhaps not.

You can, as always, click on each photo to open them up wide.

And here’s the bizarre shot. Have you ever seen this in a public bathroom, not at a hospital?

Here’s our picnic lunch on Wednesday. The matzah was for the kids. We had matzah rolls, the ones that weren’t burnt. Tuna tuna tuna, plus almond butter, by Gefen. That was a treat not to have to make it, even though most said they like mine better. Even so. My favorite was sun-dried tomatoes that I ordered from Oh Nuts. And most of all, it was so wonderful to be outside.

And now look up again,please!

That little black speck? Some kind of raptor. I like the clouds the best. They amaze me constantly.


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