My father admitted that he is worried about his memory. He didn’t even say this time, “Stop me if I’ve already told you this.” But he hadn’t, so I didn’t need to, anyway. He said he told his doctor that he was worried, but when he talked about when to schedule his next appointment, he said, “Not on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday mornings. That’s when I play tennis.” His doctor said forgetaboutit.

And my father said this to say why he was carrying his tennis racket onto the plane, rather than putting it in his suitcase. He likes to be able to talk about it; a “conversation starter.” Conversation to him is of the utmost importance.

Along with standing up straight.

So I was thinking about appearances a little more today. So I’ll sit up straighter for a bit and post some photos I took of some alstroemerias before I tossed them, before Pesach. You can see in one photo a box I was storing things in. It came to stand for something larger.

Oh look how they came to be named! Just like fuchsias!

The genus was named for the Swedish baron Clas Alströmer (Claus von Alstroemer 1736 – 1794) by his close friend Carolus Linnaeus. The plant was first described by the French botanist Louis Feuillée. The plant’s seeds were among many collected by Alströmer on a trip to South America in 1753.

Enjoy. Seriously.

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