why it’s very important to have a metal spatula for Pesach

and the rest of the year, of course.

Well, 8 loads of laundry later, and still counting, we’re on the other side.


  1. 22 boxes machine shmurah, including 5 for matzah meal
  2. 6 boxes hand shmura
  3. 13 dozen eggs
  4. At least 15 lbs white potatoes
  5. 5 lbs purple
  6. 10 lbs. sweet potatoes
  7. Fish: 10 lbs salmon
  8. 5 lbs tilapia
  9. 3 lbs red snapper
  10. 3 lbs. pollock
  11. A million cans tuna
  12. Lots of nuts!

not to mention a million heads of romaine lettuce, celery, bok choy (my favorite), about 5 lbs of mushrooms, 10 lbs of carrots…

I went shopping for 2 things just now. Kefir and tofu. I also bought bread because I just don’t want to bake again.

At least for a few days.

And it doesn’t help that we’re having a heat wave.

But when I was in baking frenzy, going from one day of non-stop cooking and baking to another, we had one day of trouble. All of a sudden, the oven started letting us know it was not to be taken for granted.

On Thursday, as we started up the marathon again of getting ready for more Yom Tov meals, smoke started spewing forth from the aforementioned oven. We were baking cakes or something non-toxic of that sort; nothing that should have called for that reaction. Nothing had dripped, nothing had dropped. So what was going on?

Fans were brought out; windows were opened; the smell and the smoke began to dissipate and the baking continued.

But after an operation was performed…

Upon some inspection of the floor of the oven, I realized that there was something very suspicious probably causing the problem.

So I took the aforementioned spatula and started carefully scooping.

That was definitely the source. But what was it?

I took photos, of course.


No, I added the plate.

Can you identify it? We were having problems. Potatoes, of course, were the most likely culprit. But they did not really appear like potatoes.

What could they be?

Here’s another photo, from another angle. Perhaps this will help.

Okay, now it’s clear.

It’s not potatoes.

It was haste.

In my haste to make matzah rolls, I shoved 3 trays of dough into the oven at once.

Only 2 fit at a time, but what could go wrong?

I didn’t count how many rolls I made before I baked them, so I didn’t notice a few had dropped off the other side.

At least that’s what I’m guessing now.

The good news is that the rolls that I had made didn’t taste burned, the ones that D#1 made the next night when we went to see “Footnotes” didn’t burn, and all was cleared up in time to get the rest of the baking/cooking done, with no need for a fire extinguisher or anything else like that.

And I’ll share my very happy recipe find for the year, even.

Passover Chocolate Chip Miracle Bars    

2 cups ground almonds

1 cup brown sugar

2 eggs

1 cup chocolate chips


Preheat oven to 375; Grease a 9×13 pan.

Mix ingredients together and spread in pan with spatula.  Just mix it well.

Bake for 23 minutes. (or until done:) )

Really easy. Really good.

Oh, you don’t have to use a metal spatula for this one, though.

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