yay–i’m kosher for pesach!

No, I’m not ready yet.

But my new fragrance is.

I never followed up on my hunt for a replacement smell. But it becomes more important because the other fragrances that I wear are not kosher for Pesach.

Yeah, I might want to swill them, shades of Kitty Dukakis from a while ago, for those of you OACA*.

So I did have very good luck and actually, it was another illustration of wisdom of our sages,

**אתה לא תמיד יכול לקבל מה שאתה רוצה

So I went to a discount perfume store in the outlet stores nearby.

And I asked them if they had something

with lemon tones, light for every day.

And they offered so many choices

but I realized I had to change my ways.

‘Cause you can’t always get what you want…x2

But I found this time,

I got what I need!

da da da da ba da da da

Okay, I’m done.

Burberry by Burberry for Women, .17 oz Mini EDP



Very nice.

And kosher for Passover.

What could be better?

Oh yeah, back to the kitchen.

* Of a certain age:)

**You’ve probably figured out by now what this means…if not, let me know.


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