a gift for those of you who are not ready for Pesach

This is for those of you who thought I sounded too calm.

I would have thought that I’ve written about this before. I did a bit of due diligence, couldn’t find it.

A number of years ago, there was a family who lived here and the wife was one of these put-you-to-shame kind of people. Not on purpose. But I always felt guilty next to her. She had more kids than me, and they were always impeccably dressed/acting/and all of those things that you can’t really control. Okay, you can get your kid dressed in the morning, but you can’t be sure that they’ll stay the way you sent them out the door more than about one minute.

And really, if you think about it, what matters–how they look or how they look at life?

Okay, that was too easy.

It matters that they know you sent them out neatly dressed. And it matters that they know they…

Oh that isn’t what I wanted to talk about at all.

I wanted to talk about those people who are ready before you are even thinking about doing anything, not about child-rearing.

I don’t know why I got side-tracked.

What I meant to say about this woman was how she was always ready for everything early. And then one day, before Shabbat, actually ‘way before Shabbat–on Thursday, she was telling me how she was all packed up to go to New York and how everything was just right.


And then a bit later, I hear that someone in her family got shot (!) and she was going to go immediately to New York.

So what did I learn from that?

Don’t be ready too soon.

Things take their time for a reason.

And anyway, if Bnei Yisrael weren’t ready to leave Egypt on time, thus the matzah requirement, why should I be better than my great-great-great…grandparents?


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