questions posed last night to me at the mikveh

Being the shomeret at the mikveh gave me a chance to finish reading The Brain in Love and re-set my Omer calendar. And it gave a bunch of women a chance to ask me a few interesting questions:

  1. Who’s joining you this year?
  2. Can you house everyone?
  3. Do you mind if I just toivel a few dishes? I’ll be very quick.
  4. Will your husband be around tomorrow to ask a few questions?
  5. When can I sell my chametz?
  6. Are you finished cleaning for Pesach?
  7. Do you have help?
  8. Is it easier to do without children?
  9. Are paper plates kosher for Passover?
  10. Can you give me a good pareve kosher for Passover soup recipe?
  11. When should I start talking to my daughter about mikveh?



  1. Everyone in the northern hemisphere.
  2. No, we have to branch out to a neighbor’s. Thankfully, we have very nice neighbors who will be away.
  3. No problem…You should have let me know in advance so I would have known what room to put you in, but go ahead.
  4. Of course. Actually, he’ll be in and out. Try and if he’s not home, leave a message. And if he doesn’t get back to you, try try again.
  5. The sooner the better, please. See #4’s answer.
  6. No, but almost! Really!
  7. Do you consider my husband help? Sometimes I do.
  8. Yes. No question about that. Still finding those Cheerios. Although sometimes, I have to look very carefully to figure out if it’s a Cheerio/Kix or a Lego head.
  9. Yes. That seems to be the most common question this year. I guess people are going rogue. Just don’t use the really cheap stuff.
  10. Sure. No problem. Just saute onions, add carrots, celery, then add some water. Then add whatever other kinds of veggies you want. Then add spices. Always add garlic. Sure, you can use an immersion blender. Add sweet potatoes. That gives it body and they’re so delicious! Enjoy!
  11. Oh. Wow. She’s already 11? Yes, the sooner the better. That way it becomes a natural part of her expectation of life, without going into details about what happens afterwards. It’s just what Jewish women do.

Good luck with that, by the way…


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