this isn’t the promised land, is it?

It’s a global village we live in.

Or is it?

Isn’t the whole Pesach story about not being where we need to be? Even if you’re in Israel, I guess the point is that we’re not. We use the term “redeemed”, but we also use the word “rebuilt.”

It’s so comfortable here in America. I know, there’s a lot of tension around. But really, how could it not be comfortable when your local supermarket is wishing you a very sincere happy holiday?

After all, they’re marketing their market in a big way. I don’t remember such a production in the past. Yes, there was always the Maxwell House Haggadah.

But this year is different.

I was in Shaw’s the other day, picking up some of my kosher-for-Passover fish and looking to buy some Israeli products. There was a woman raving about a cake mix. She told her (presumed) husband that a lady came from 3 towns over just to get that cake mix. It was such a metziah.

No, she didn’t use that word. Just me. If she knew what a metziah was, she’d be making her own.


No, seriously, was it worth the time shlepping over from that town to buy that cake mix? Really?

On the other hand, have you seen Stop & Shop’s Passover circular? It’s actually quite inspiring. Seriously, great things for the kids to do!

Or their commercial? I’ve figured it would be on line already, but I can’t find it.

I did find this, though.

Stop & Shop Donates 1,000 Pounds Of Food To QJCC For Passover

Queens Jewish Community Council food pantry in crisis as holiday approaches.

And they have a video clip there, (which for whatever reason I can’t seem to embed here. No biggie).

Pretty impressive.

And yet…


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