my sphagnum moss

and other chametz.

Cleaning up my photos for Pesach?

No, the cheerio below was lonely.

Do you see the little price tag above? That’s how old it is! I think it’s before computers and certainly before all those codes. Although, when I was at the store the other day and trying to scan everything myself, the codes on all of my dairy products could not be read by the machine. So this poor fellow had to punch in every single one for me, one at a time…

I had bought, of course, 5 of this kind of cottage cheese, 5 of another…when he thought he knew the code by heart, that’s when I had switched to another kind. It took much longer than a regular ring-it-up cashier.

Oh well.

Mess still in progress…

Wait–where’s that companion? Oh, yeah, here it is.


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