this is not the usual way to clean for Pesach, I know

I am in the process of getting bids on spring cleaning our yard. It’s too much for us to do ourselves. Our yard has been ravaged by storms and neglect. Yes, we could spend a lot a lot a lot of time raking and bagging, but the town dump doesn’t open up until Pesach itself, so that’s not even helpful. One guy who came today to give an estimate looked pitifully at an old bag that has basically composted itself waiting for the dump to open up, I think, two years ago now.

Or maybe more.

But the real reason that we feel the need to get it done is not aesthetics. It’s extremely practical. I looked at all the branches strewn about and said to myself and ISHI, “grandsons #2 and 3 are coming. We have to get this done STAT!”

Because G-d bless, they will not hesitate to pick up the largest most pointy thing around and use it for whatever game they are in.

Even if they’re playing soccer.


Yard-cleaning needs lead to re-potting my plants, of course!

My indoor plants. One window-full. Actually, it was opening the window on such a beautiful day made me move the plants, which made me realize how badly they needed work. And so I worked, even though I could only find an ancient bag of potting soil and an even more ancient bag of Wisconsin’s finest

Sphagnum Moss Marker Photo, Click for full size

sphagnum moss.

So of course, I made such a mess. Yes, D#2, you do inherit your “style” naturally. But now’s better than in a week! And wouldn’t you know, when I was sweeping up from the mess that I dropped on the floor, I found one little bit of chametz!

So it was allllll worth it :).

I did take photos of it all.

Not the before and after–I don’t have enough patience for that.

Just the after.

As in happily ever.


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