link for pesach

I know, everything is always about me.

So I’m selfish. Is that a problem?

No, of course I’m being a bit facetious–it’s just that we can imbue life with meaning beyond just the proverbial stinky cigar.

So when I read a post about great marketing, I turn it into a great Pesach message.

Arthur Germain, from Communication Strategy Group, refers to to storytelling to build a brand as brandtelling. As he explains on his site, “Brandtelling is built on the foundation of connecting people through a story that is relevant, real and repeatable.” While this approach is often used to sell products, many of the principles can apply to individuals building personal brands. For the ultra private among you, this very action might be cringe-worthy. After all, selling yourself is not as easy or as comfortable or selling products and services. Nonetheless, it’s fair to say that in an increasingly wired world, where first encounters are often online, a little personality can go a long way. A great story? Even better. Whether interviewing for a job or making a presentation, a strong personal narrative could be the one thing that keeps you on top.

Here are a few tips to turning on your personal branding story without turning off your audience.

1.  Discover your story

2.  Re-write your story

3.  Share your story

Isn’t this exactly what we do on Pesach at the seder?

In fact, what’s striking is that we don’t just tell the story, reading straight from the Torah as the Exodus from Egypt unfolds; we tell a re-telling, linking ourselves to our gratitude for being in Israel and all the gifts that we have received there.

So we’re already doing exactly this, re-telling.

And that’s what I’m doing here.

And I’m re-posting the photo that’s on the Fast Company page, which is a representation of this idea.

Now to figure out what is our brand…


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