mah. nish. ma.

This is a statement of how out of it I really am.

Out of touch? Not so much, but out of the general realm of the public.

A while ago, I had stopped into Rite-Aid to look for Jean Nate cologne, of blessed memory. And although they didn’t have that, they did have this unlikely brand of nail polish, called:

Mah. nish. ma.

Now those of you who speak Hebrew and have spent some time in Israel will recognize that phrase. It means colloquially, “How ya doin’?” (It’s a bit dated now, having been replaced by what the doorman at the Hotel Belleclaire said to us 🙂 .) But still, it’s an odd name for a cosmetics company/line.

I tried google and bing to find out the home name of the company in vain. (I KNOW!!!) I did find a few people who link to it, but you know, I’m not going to bother connecting those dots for you. They say basically it’s a cheap-end nail polish and you can do all kinds of fancy shmancy things with it, but not alone. So they list all kinds of things that they do with their nail art.

Soooo not my bag.

I don’t have strong nails. That is one of the gifts I received from my mother. It’s a gift because it lets me not focus on them. She always instructed me to take care of them, make sure that the moon is displayed, but then that’s the end of that.

Fingernail label (enwiki).jpg

Yes, she got her nails done, but then again, she lived in that kind of world. I in the world of mikveh, where you have to keep your nails trimmed and unpolished, was very happy to leave that world of paint to everyone else.

I’m not saying that it’s wrong, mind you–I’m just saying that it’s just not me and I have no interest in making it me. I will say that you have to watch to make sure that it doesn’t go too far and that you pay more attention to your inner beauty and not focus on the shell.

Be that as it may, what brings this up today is the post that I saw on a website that I usually admire– Today they were letting us know about the story of two Harvard-educated women (who used their email account to draw up interest, apparently) who have created this phenomenon called Birchbox.

A bit of a description from the womenwho follows now:

Hayley and Katia’s Birchbox concept is genius in both its problem solving nature and its simplicity. For just $10 a month, Birchbox members receive a box filled with a selection of 4-5 beauty samples from top tier brands delivered right to their front door. The generously sized samples – just enough to keep you entertained for 30 days – include anything from skincare, makeup and fragrance to cult beauty tools, body and hair care products by well-known brands and emerging newcomers.

Can you guess what my problem is?

Not with the Birchbox idea in and of itself.

With the idea of makeup as entertainment.

I think they could have found another word. But the fact that they didn’t is troubling.


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