well, if my home is a foreign place,

Then I better start putting down roots.

Actually, what I’ve done this week is more than that. I’ve basically bound myself to home all week in order to get rid of this nasty cold. And now that the weather has turned nasty (of course we can’t SKIP winter), I don’t wanna go out. So roots are down.

And so am I.

It might be traceable to many very real things.

  1. the phone call at 4:56 a.m. ISHI somehow picked it up. “Automated call”, he said,and then tried, pretty much in vain, to go back to sleep for a half hour.
  2. the second phone call at 4:57. This time, I picked it up. It was from Amazon, automated, saying “put your PIN number in now.” No, I don’t think so. It turns out that the first one was from the same number. I called, a few hours later, and they of course said it was not them. They would have sent an email, if there were any problem. And yet, they also said they would investigate it further. If it wasn’t them, why would they need to? Because someone was identifying themselves as Amazon, and they’re not that big not to care.
  3. Oh, and there was another phone call from them another 2 hours later. From the pretend Amazon people, at least I should say.
  4. So I was fine all night. It was the first night in a week that I didn’t feel I had to suppress the coughing and all. Okay maybe just a little. But then when I woke up, it came roaring back.
  5. Maybe I’ll really appreciate spring now, but oh the grey is so sad.
  6. I don’t like complaining.
  7. I don’t like people getting divorced.

Bet you didn’t see that coming.

Neither did I.

This is a couple I know who had participated in a program with me a few years ago. We’ve been in touch, on and off, through email, Facebook, and a visit last year when we were in Israel. Oh, yeah. Israeli.

Not that it makes a difference at all. Or maybe it does. I like to pretend that everything is better there, even though I know that’s not true by any means.

And they’re young.

With a child.

That makes it worse.

I want to say why didn’t you tell me? I wanted to say why didn’t you ask for help?

I asked a mutual friend what happened and he didn’t tell me. But he told me what I needed to know, that they are both relieved that this has come to an end, and that the divorce was as amicable as possible.

Looking back, I would have known that problems would lay ahead.

But of course, hindsight 20-20.

No, more than that. Everyone has problems–that’s part of the path. But everyone has to find the path that takes them to a better place, if only to have to find another path then.

So I’m not going to ask them what happened. I’m only going to wish them Mazal Tov, as they’ve asked to be wished.

Both of them.


And I’ll try harder to pay attention to others, in the future.

(I am feeling better now, thanks for asking. I guess some things just have to work themselves out in ways nastier than we expected.)

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