not so invisible disability

I have been thinking about people with invisible disabilities–women who have fertility problems, those with mental illness of all kinds, and then there are all the invisible diseases that affect so many around us, who do not want pity but a fair chance. I have been thinking about how to help them in the best way, in my communal and personal capacities, and I’ve been stumped, for the most part.

We can be an ear. I guess that’s the start.

And then there’s what Rabbi David Bigman says about the holiest place in the Jewish universe, the Aron Kodesh having nothing in the absolute middle of it, except the sound of G-d. And so we need to listen.

I’ve been thinking about the senses in general, how we can’t always clarify things for ourselves. When we’re in New York, in particular, and surrounded by so many languages, I find it’s easy enough to let all the sounds blur into well, just sound. Like Bnei Yisrael getting the Ten Commandments and stopping the listening and just going to hearing and turning G-d voice into a roar.

And then it’s like seeing signs in Chinese or Greek, or those languages I don’t read. It becomes art of sorts. This is a good thing, of sorts. Except when I have to pay attention. And then I have to call on all my senses to be sharp and that’s very tiring.

When we go out to the ocean or the mountains, I know I can relax and take in the beauty all around. Of course, you have to watch where you’re going, but that’s a nice kind of meditation of sorts.

Having to pay attention to holding all your stuff, where you’re going, who you’re with, well, that’s exhausting.

And so maybe that’s why I got sick?

Or is it that the massage that I had on Thursday drew out all the poisons and brought them into the forefront?

Or is it ISHI’s cold catching up to me?

I don’t do sick. I like to think of myself as not succumbing to these trifles. But every once in a while, I do have to admit I’m human.


Thank G-d for Shabbos.

Thank G-d that we could switch our houseguest to somewhere else.

I’m really sorry that our niece wasn’t feeling well but thought she was well enough to go run off to be with her friends. I really hope that worked out and that she isn’t sorry she didn’t stay here.

But I’m really glad I could have the day to catch up.

I’m not feeling really better yet. I don’t have a voice back yet.

That may not be such a bad thing.

Hmm. I’m in a Simon and Garfunkel mode, perhaps.

Sounds of Silence, anyone?

So maybe I’ll post a few more photos from the sounds of New York.


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