so the ides was so two days ago

but I’d say beware the ides of February today.

And is “beware” much more than “be aware”?

Oh I think we can all agree with that.

Or perhaps not.

[Middle English ben war : bento be; see be + waron one’s guard; see ware2.]

I’ve written about February being the cruelest month (here and here, with apologies to TS Elliot), about cabin fever that usually explains people’s malaise. But not this year, since it has been exceptionally mild, especially compared to last year. But do people think that way, anyway? Do they feel like they’ve got it coming to them?

I don’t know.

Today was exceptionally bad for all kinds of other people.

I sat with someone who has significant theological questions, about why so many things happen to her and how much can she take. I tried to tell her that the same bad things happen to a lot of people, although honestly, she has had more than her share, but it’s how they react that’s different. And when you are numb to problems for a long time, when you finally start feeling, everything is that much more painful.

And so she feels every single singe, bruise, and bump multiple-times worse than others do.

I can’t tell her that Shabbat will make her feel better.

I did tell her that it might.

And she left, feeling a little bit better, maybe a little bit stronger, and went to another meeting where she was totally bamboozled and felt how many times worse than before, because other people allowed her to be taken advantage of.

And when you don’t have control, what can you do?

You can find someone who will listen to you, so that next time, you will have a better chance of not letting the same thing happen again.


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