marketing wonder or blunder

I received the following email:

Dear but mostly hers,Thank you for ordering from the Store. We have received your order, and it is currently being processed. Please print this e-mail for your records. It contains your order number and other important details.Stop back again for more great home and family ideas!Your order number is: blahblahblah

Order Total:


*Plus applicable taxes
Item Qty. Delivery
American Baby
Usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks
American Baby is published 12 times per year
1 hardgoodShippingGroup

Can you figure out all the issues (sorry) here?

Here’s my list:

  1. I didn’t order anything–I like to know what I’m ordering.
  2. If I did order it, then it shouldn’t be for American Baby. I’m ‘way past that stage, baby. After all, I’m no spring chicken. 🙂
  3. If I did order anything, then it should be for AARP Magazine. (Oooh! They have a great article called  Age-Proof your Brain! No, I take that back. I know all that stuff. Still, better than Celebs Dish about Motherhood and Pregnancy.)
  4. Even if I didn’t order it and I did want it, don’t you think they should have sent a previous email saying “You have been chosen to receive this free gift”?
  5. Doesn’t this smell a little desperate to you? I know magazine subscriptions are dropping, but is this the most effective way to drive up business?
  6. Plus I’d be really annoyed if I had to pay taxes.

I wrote an email asking for them to please give the subscription to someone else. Someone for which it would be useful.

[They promise they’ll get back to me within two days.]

After all, I might read the magazine and just feel guilty how I did it all wrong.

And what would be the benefit of that?


2 responses

  1. I got similar email for the same magazine (American Baby), but they claimed it was from Better Homes and Gardens……I’m a middle aged grandmother with two grade school aged grand kids, like you I don’t need nor did I order the magazine……Anyway who did you contact, because when I contacted Better Homes and Garden they said I needed to contact the site/third party I ordered the magazine from?

    • You know, I did get a comment back from them agreeing to cancel the “subscription”, but I didn’t keep it, surprisingly enough. I guess I was just happy to get rid of the whole thing! I don’t remember exactly what I found to get it cancelled, but I looked at their home page and then went to here and followed from there. Hope it helps!
      The problem is when I just went there to figure out what I did, they welcomed me back. With my name. Now how did I get on their radar in the first place?

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