because friday’s a short day

I will borrow freely from an old Monday Morning Memo (January 16th, to be exact), because I lovelovelove these quotes below!

This photo of Tom Grimes was taken in March, 2008, when he was emcee of Wizzo’s 50th birthday celebration in Tuscan Hall.

Tom is known around the world as President Plenipotentiary of that
famous time-wasting society,
The Worthless Bastards.

Brett Feinstein of Virginia is Vice-President. He’s VP because he wastes less time than Tom but he is definitely a bigger bastard.

Here are some of Tom’s recent thoughts:

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, what’s an action worth?”

“Art opens the door to our vast, unconscious library.”

“Written words let me dawdle. Spoken words make me dance. I prefer to dawdle.”

“What you didn’t do is what you did” (My son explaining how his dad gets in trouble.)

“Hamlet was a sniveling intellectual who babbled for most of his storied play… then he shut up, cut to the chase and cut people up. There’s a lesson to be learned there.”

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