no, i don’t know any babysitters offhand

I think it’s time to compile a list of what we’re asked, during the course of a regular day.

The “we” is the unit of ISHI and myself, the rabbi and the rabbi’s wife.

So here goes:

  1. Can you recommend a babysitter?
  2. a therapist?
  3. a doctor?
  4. a housecleaner? (after all, they go into your house and can find out all kinds of things. So whom can you trust?)
  5. an exterminator?
  6. a lawyer?
  7. a mechanic? (that one’s easy)
  8. Do you have so-and-so’s phone number?
  9. address?
  10. email?
  11. work number?
  12. spouse’s number?
  13. What are their children’s names?
  14. birthdays?
  15. oh don’t get me started again on shidduchim
  16. How to work the alarm,
  17. lights,
  18. plumbing,
  19. heating,
  20. phones,
  21. at the shul,
  22. at the mikveh
  23. How to get a passport.
  24. Where to get a passport.
  25. Is the office still open
  26. of the passport agency
  27. of the post office
  28. of the shul
  29. Why isn’t the shul still open?
  30. Can I drop off what I needed to drop off at the shul at your house and you can take it over when it’s convenient for you?
  31. How to get your license renewed
  32. How to structure a class
  33. How to do homework
  34. for elementary school
  35. for high school
  36. for a PhD
  37. for post-post graduate
  38. How to get a job
  39. get a wife
  40. get a husband
  41. get a child
  42. what to do with a child
  43. a husband
  44. a wife

Not all, every day, mind you, but yes, all of these have come our way.

And much, much more.


6 responses

    • yes, that’s true. but it just makes me wonder how people are so comfortable asking us for this advice and much else that i’m not listing!

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