more about brand loyalty

I wrote about this awhile ago here almost two years ago. Or more accurately, I pondered about what inspires brand loyalty. Now I have the answer.

It’s panic.

Yup. I really think that’s it. Some of us are not equipped to be able to switch gears. It’s too hard. Or we’re just lazy, which is the definition of the first, really.

Or we’re terrified. We are not emotionally equipped to deal with so many variations on a daily basis. Overload, too many choices.

What brings this on, you might ask?

Another adventure at the supermarket. I really didn’t have much to get, but I had to go today, since I won’t have the car tomorrow. So I was going through pretty quickly, stopping for my items that I just don’t want to be without. Especially my tea.

I’ve mentioned how much I like my tea. My Celestial Seasonings Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai Chai Tea. I developed an unreasonable attachment to cinnamon years ago when I had a student whose mother was allergic to cinnamon, so we couldn’t have any in the classroom. I went nuts with anything with cinnamon at home–moussaka, cinnamon-laced lentil soup, pumpkin pies, custards, and Chai tea. At least 2 or 3 mugs a day.  So I started to quietly panic when I saw that the store was featuring my tea at 50% off today. That could only mean one thing, I knew.

It meant that it was being discontinued.

And there was only one box left.


Okay now a bit more panic.

Until that point, I was paying attention to how people were not paying attention at all to what they were buying–they were randomly tossing things into their carriages while

  1. talking on the phone
  2. texting (really? in the store? why?)
  3. sweet-talking to their babies
  4. yelling at their kids
  5. and just not there, ya know what I mean?

Of course, I was busy looking at everyone else, so I’m not sure I was really paying attention to what I was getting, either.

But then the tea thing happened and I was certainly not paying attention to anything. Or at least I was trying not to, in order just to breathe.

Am I overstating? Well, you be the judge.

I did get the other things that I set out to get, so that was good. But I couldn’t wait to get home in order to look up if they were discontinuing my tea.


Um, it’s still listed on the website.

Panic averted for now.

In fact, they suggest substituting my tea for one that has been discontinued. I want to say “no, just leave that box for me”, but I can share.

For now.

And does this have anything to do with marriage? Probably, but my heart is still getting back to a normal rhythm, so I’ll have to think about that later.


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