this time from the Met

Oh my it feels so long ago. Before the snow, before home and community obligations…

It won’t be too long before we go away again, but still…

But here’s an interesting aside. ISHI just told me that among the strange things that have happened to him, this morning, he found a bag tied onto his shul office door. It was from someone who lives in Israel, but comes here somewhat often to visit his mother. For some strange reason, he had in his head that we love oregano from the shuk (Machane Yehuda–see more about it here). So he left a bag of oregano on the door. Thankfully, oregano has a distinct enough smell that it could not be mistaken for something else.

Oh who am I kidding? Of course it could!

I don’t know how he got it through the sniffing security dogs at the airport though.

Oh silly me! They just sniff for money!


Here are some photos from our trip to the Met.

The first is from our hotel room and the second one reminded me of the framing that I seem drawn to. I do love Hopper.

You’ll notice that I got caught up in that one little bowl. I was trying out different settings on the camera, including 3D. I’m not sure that comes through, though, but I did like the effects! What do you think?

I think maybe I’ll save others for another time.


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