i’m not too big to admit when i’m wrong

There are a million things wrong in the world. Well, I’m probably being too optimistic with that number. But let’s just use that for now, shall we? I’m disgusted by the creepiness of bad things. It’s the boiled frog effect, which, even if it is scientifically untrue, it is too true socially. We get used to things gradually and have a hard time admitting our discomfort. Especially with


Especially with everything.

Laundry list of things that the world needs to work on? Okay, sure. And I use that word laundry pointedly, since it is about airing our dirty laundry in public.

So in no particular order, here are the big things that bug me. Today.

  1. the mess of how women are treated.
  2. Everywhere.
  3. Particularly in the magical WORLD OF MARKETING. Legos for girls, you say? Why why why?
  4. Particularly in Israel in the religious world. (And I say that as an observant woman, wife of rabbi, etc.) If you want to warm up on this cold day, here’s something you can look at to make your blood boil. Yes, they apologized but horse out of the barn, etc.
  5. Particularly in the media. I’m not an Obama fan by any means, but why is it that going after the First Lady is always so acceptable? Why is she /the role such a target?
  6. But how certain cultures are still given a free ride. It is disheartening to say the least (and that’s what I’m going for) that we in the Western World as still so paternalistic. Here’s a very interesting blog by a woman who is trying to bring some light into the Muslim world. Good luck to her.

Well, look at that! They’re all about how women are being treated! Well fancy that!

I think that’s enough for now.

But what did I start out with, after all?

Oh, I wanted to tell you how I can recognize when I need to see things differently. For example, I had a pretty rotten experience last August at Office Max, to the point that I promised to myself that I would not go there anymore, even to the point that I threw away my rewards card. I had written about it here.  Well, I had to get something else copied last week, so I went to Staples, my new favorite place.

They could not open my document. I stood there for at least 15 minutes. They tried twice. I took my memory stick and left. Crawling back to CopyMax, I asked them to do the same thing. Sure enough, not only did it open on the first try, but there wasn’t even an issue! He printed out the first copy to make sure it met with my approval, then suggested that we lighten up the photos to make them look better, and a few minutes later, the 75 brochures were printed. Oh, and when I mentioned that I didn’t have my card with me, he looked up my phone number and found my account. And then, the piece de resistence in terms of customer relationship, he apologized that they no longer offer discounts for printing, but he would be happy to take some off, since we were indeed a non-profit organization.



  1. Office Max is not Copy Max.
  2. Staples printing is not Staples.
  3. I can be wrong.
  4. And I can try things again and not be categorical about it.

Is this an allegory?

You tell me.

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