the country mouse is sooo happy to be out of the city

but I did enjoy myself in the BIG APPLE. Or I think I should say we enjoyed ourselves.

We were very very busy mice. After the babysitting, we went into the city to a very nice hotel, Hotel Belleclaire,  that apparently is the home for El Al flight attendants. We heard more Hebrew than since we were in Israel last year. Or maybe since we were in LA last month. Even the doorman met us with “שלום!  מה הענינים”, which idiomatically means “Shalom! How’s it going?”  And he was not Israeli. Anyway, it was a good launching point for us to go to the Met on Monday, MOMA on Tuesday (wait–it isn’t open today? Oh that’s why we were going to go to the Guggenheim) and the Guggenheim, lunch here and there, and some nice dinners at Noi Due and at Ozu, walking through Central Park and all over the Upper West and East Sides, getting in a little shopping, of course, and we even went out to the movies (since we couldn’t find any decent plays that didn’t have music or nudity, etc.). So a fabulous time was had by both of us.

I forgot to mention that yes, I did take a lot of photos! We were lucky, too, that the weather was manageable so that we could bundle up but still be comfortable. So I had an extra good time playing with my camera. I will hopefully post some of those photos but I wanted to start with a sorry state of affairs. Really. At one point, we passed by a courtyard that was very dramatic, but we didn’t have time to check out what it was at that time. Later on that day, (or was it the next morning?) ISHI had to pass by there coming back from shul. He stopped in the pharmacy right past there to pick something up and so he asked the sales girl what was there.

“What courtyard?”

“Two doors down–it has the same name as your pharmacy–Apthorp.”

“Never heard of it.”

“How long have you been working here?”

“Two years.”

She was certainly not only forgetting to look up, but look at all!

Well, you can be certain that we went back to look. Here’s what we saw.

And we went in to explore some more.

We asked the man at the gate (the gateman?) what they were and he told us they were condos, but we could look at the sign on the wall for more information.

It had been there since 1905! This made me very sad. New Yorkers, along with all other city dwellers, are WUI, walking under their Iphones, or Ipods, or whatever is keeping them hyper-focused on a little box.  A box.

I wanted to give out gold stars to those people who were actually either looking around them or yes, gasp, talking to the person next to them! Maybe next visit…

Here’s a little sadness to go along with my observation–

Death by iPod

POSTED ON JANUARY 18, 2012, AT 10:23 AM

American pedestrians killed or seriously injured by trains, cars, and buses while wearing ear buds or headphones in 2010-11

Number of such deaths and injuries in 2004-05

Percent of headphone-related accidents in which the vehicle reported sounding a siren or horn before the crash

UGH! Look what you are missing, people!


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