i truly don’t understand people

I just came back from trying to return some things at Talbot’s. Unfortunately, since the local branch closed up recently, I had to travel a bit to the outlet stores 15 minutes away. Since all the sales are happening, it would be a good time to go check out what I missed, right?

It’s a cold day today. We’ve been really lucky, if you can call it that, so far this season, with unseasonably warm weather. Since it’s cold, I figured that meant that the stores would not be that crowded, which is always a plus in my book. That’s a main reason I usually stick to online shopping. Except when things don’t match the description of the items.

I did say tried to return. It turns out that their policy is not to take clothing back that’s from the catalog or from online. That hardly seems fair and I will write the man about it. I wonder if they would have been nicer if I had found something to buy there. We’ll never know, will we?

But what I don’t understand, in the middle of all these stores, was people’s sense of style. I wish I had my video camera going, but I’ll have to use my memory. Three teenage guys passing by some store, one says, “That’s really great-looking” about an outfit in a store window. One of them responds, “Yeah, you should really get that” and they’re all wearing sweatpants hanging down to the floor. And the outfit in the window is casual and so not chic.

And the guys who won’t wear coats, even though it’s 20 degrees outside, ’cause they’re going in and out of stores and that’s a pain. So they’re freezing their little tushies off.

And the woman who has her little doggie with her as a shopping companion, dressed in his little coat.

At least they don’t match.

And the one that I really really didn’t get was the woman wearing a long coat and flip-flops.

Did she want to make sure we saw her manicure?

Oops, I meant pedicure. Of course she was wearing gloves!


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