update on the pootchie potchie mystery

(An aside: You’d think after typing Pootchie Potchie so many times yesterday, my computer would recognize that it is indeed what I wanted to type.)

Here’s the first email comment I got from D#!:

Huh, I wish I knew the answer to this! I remember the name, for sure, but don’t recall either a puppet or a dog! Bucky bucky the horse, that I remember!! 🙂


And here’s her second:

I don’t know…I looked at the pictures (saw this on the web, not just in my email) and when I saw the picture of the dog in my head I thought “Pootchie Patchie”

But maybe she named it that because the name already existed in the puppet and she liked it???


Hmmm. A discrepancy of spelling. Maybe because she pronounces things in Ashkenazi…

Here’s my response:

That’s what abba thought…

And hers to that:

🙂 It IS quite a catchy name!

This will probably be the most definitive explanation that we get.

Oh, and about  Bucky Bucky, the horse. That’s another interesting story about fraud perpetrated, but by unknown assailants.

In fact, extremely curious.

My sister inherited a few toys from my kids to use for hers. She then passed a number of them back again to us when our first grandchild was born 10 years ago, and added in a number of them, to boot. One of them was the beloved Bucky Bucky, the Fisher-Price toy.

It looks like this one being sold on EBay today. Note that this is from 1976, which is even before I would have bought for our D#1.

Vintage Fisher Price Riding Horse

Here’s a photo of our Bucky Bucky.

Can you figure this one out?


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