Pottery Barn Fail

Inception-ally unfortunate…

December 22, 2011 •

Gary, every dreidel you’ve spun has stopped. Face it – you’re not in a dream, my parents really are staying with us for a week.

(Source: potterybarn.com)

In case you’re not familiar with Catalog Living, you should be. Not sure about the comment, being an in-law myself and always concerned that I don’t overstay my welcome so that I’m welcomed the next time. But do you see something odd about the dreidls? I looked a little further, thanks to a comment on Facebook that drew my attention to a little fact, and then I wrote this email.

Dear Pottery Barn,

Your DREIDEL VASE FILLER is filled with dreidels with the wrong letters! I don’t know who made the product for you, but it is sadly wrong. The first letter in the series should be a “nun”, but it looks like you have a “bet” or a “kaf”–it’s hard to tell from the photo. But it’s clearly not the “nun.”

What a shame.

I’ll let you know how they respond, if they do…

Have a nice day!


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