how to replace the mundane

I have to face reality.

I have been using Jean Naté Cologne for about oh how old am I? Let’s say 30 years. Maybe more. I don’t have the receipt from my first purchase, nor any memory of why I started using it. I know I had bottles of the After Bath Splash from my bat mitzvah years, so we’re talking about a really long time ago. But I don’t like the ABS. I do like the cologne.

Or at least I did.

It’s not being made any more.

Revlon discontinued it. This is the email I received from them over a month ago after trying to figure out why I couldn’t find the product any more.

Thank you for your recent comments from the Revlon website and your interest in our products.

Sometimes, because of fashion trends and limited consumer demand, it becomes necessary to discontinue an otherwise excellent product. Unfortunately, Revlon Jean Nate Cologne Spray is no longer being manufactured. Since fragrances are a matter of individual and personal preference, we are unable to suggest a substitute fragrance for you. We would encourage you to visit our fragrance display in retail stores in your area.

I told you I am used to being in the minority, but this is painful. I don’t like having to figure out something new because the old worked just fine.

Until it didn’t.

I don’t know how to find a replacement. I don’t really want to be sprayed at the Fragrance display because I’m in mourning. A little past denial now, but I used it every weekday for 30 plus years! For Shabbat I alternate between Chloe and Youth Dew. They’ll probably stop making Youth Dew soon so I bought a few to hold me for a while.

I’m not kidding.

I joined a group that looks like they’d be able to help me. It’s called Basenotes.

OMG they’re scary serious about their smells. It’s more serious than discussions about wine and liquors. Probably because those people drink. and are pretty happy.

Here’s an example of a recent review.

LP No. 9 by Penhaligon’s

The beginning of this classic fougere  with its  plenty of citrus, aromatic herbs, lavender and spices is severe, assertive, earthy and botanic. I agree who with writes that in this phase the fragrance seems a shadowy masculine, traditional with its combination of lavender, lime, a touch of moss, patchouli and bergamot. In this stage i catch the particular presence of terragon, an aromatic and “anisy” green note that i appreciate a lot in parfumery. It takes a while to start the floral-spicy explosion that is the middle stage before the fragrance morphs is a sort of delicate milky-musky floral with the dominant note of jasmine and carnation and with some rosey nuances whirling in the air. I smell some similarities with the scent of Dune Dior although this one is more earthy, classic and botanic. I guess some clove and cinnamon are in the almost tasty mix. Not bad, natural, finally soft but a bit poor in complexity and womanly sophistication.

They gave it a thumbs down, if you couldn’t tell. I couldn’t.

Of course any discussions they had about Jean Naté made me feel just a wee bit insignificant.

And boooooring.

But this note was an unexpected treat.

        Is it possible to ascertain what Heisenberg would wear?

According to that famous quantum physician’s uncertainty principle, determining the top notes would make it impossible to measure the basenotes, while focusing on the basenotes would prevent a reading of the top notes . Of course he might just put on L’Antimatière by Les Nez, which I am told smells precisely like Schrödinger’s cat.

Okay! Maybe I’ll have to check out this. I’ll keep giving them a chance, even just to find another gem like this one.


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    • We could. I did. I bought a bunch of bottles, but they turned out to be the tiniest little travel bottles. That’s when I realized something was very wrong. It’s not worth buying more of the little ones when eventually it will run out. So that’s why I said having to face reality. Let me know if you have any ideas for finding a replacement scent.

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