“it looks so modern”,

the old Jewish lady said to her daughter, like you might hear in a Woody Allen movie.

We were at the museum today, looking at old favorites and new experiences. I was struck earlier by a Picasso that had its inspiration from Oceania and the Pacific, a better example than Gauguin, who I just never felt comfortable with. So I was not surprised by this lady’s statement. In fact, I welcomed it. With a chuckle.

Here’s the object to which she was referring.

And, of course, with such lovely irony, it was a “modern” piece, considering it was from the early 20th century. Here’s the description of the piece:

So it’s the turn to the iconic of ritual that makes it modern. The further irony is that as modern man/woman lost their rituals, we turned more and more towards the icons. Thus the success of advertising, branding, etc. today.

I liked this couple looking at the art together. I didn’t know if they were attracted to that Warhol because of the colors they were wearing or because of the piece itself. You never know, do you?

I wish I had recorded the music to play along with this next photo, but you’ll have to use your imagination.

And this one as we were leaving. I was struck by the bravery of the woman dining solo.

And this one, as we left the museum, framing our experience by the walk to the car.

After all, you have to leave with a flourish.


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