double-digit grandmother

No, I don’t have 10 grandchildren. Yet.

No pressure, kids.


But I am the very very proud grandmother of a wonderful ten year old young lady.

Yes for sure, lady, and yes for sure still young.

I don’t know about this grand thing, though…

She and the others call me Savta. That is Hebrew (well, actually Aramaic) for grandmother. At the time, 10 years ago, I thought it would be better because it has an exotic flavor.

And doesn’t sound so old.

My mother wanted to be called Savta in principle, but couldn’t remember how to pronounce it.

She kept saying “zaftig” instead.

zaf·tig or zof·tig (zäftk, -tg)


1. Full-bosomed.
2. Having a full, shapely figure.

[Yiddish zaftikjuicy, from Middle High German saftec, from saftjuice, from Old High German saf.]

I did not know that it comes from juicy.

I wonder if that’s the source of Juicy Couture, although I highly doubt it. Actually, taking a dip into google, maybe it was!

Juicy Couture is everywhere. It’s casual and cocktail; sunglasses and shoes; men, women, and children. It’s equal parts class and sass—and stores can’t get enough of it. Reese, Gwyneth, Madonna, Brad, Kevin, and Ben all wear Juicy. But Juicy’s more affordable than many other labels, so the soccer mom next door wears it, too.

It began modestly. Gela Nash-Taylor—who was Gela Jacobson when she graduated from Carnegie Mellon as a drama major in 1978—was pregnant and couldn’t find maternity clothes she liked. So she and her good friend Pam Skaist-Levy bought loads of plain vintage jeans. Using their design sense and a lot of hard work, they transformed the jeans into a successful line of maternity wear.

But since my mother figured that she was going to be calling herself zaftig, she might as well go with the Bubbie name instead of Savta.

Old-time grand lady, indeed.

So Happy Birthday, Grand Young Lady! Welcome to the double digits! We’re looking forward to being in awe of you more and more, and enjoying the journey together!


2 responses

  1. Thank you, Savta! The Grand Young Lady proudly wore her very, very beautiful and grown up earrings to school today and wished she could wear the necklace, but decided to save it for Shabbos! Thank you and Love!

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