travelling again, but for a purpose unlike any other

Yup I’m all packed. In fact, I’m re-packed. I realized that my outfit for this coming Shabbat day would be a little too hopeful, so I had to find something a little warmer. It’s pretty bizarre, actually, going to southern California now in early December. It’s been so mild here on the east coast that it won’t seem like a break. Except that it’s supposed to get cold here when we’re gone.

But it’s been cold underneath the whole time, as my FIL used to say (although I never heard him say it; it was always filtered through ISHI.)

Except that I’ll be coming back to the winter without another sunny break, until I don’t know, June, as things are going now.

But the reason that we’re going is very different, as I alluded in the title above. My father asked ISHI to give a talk in memory of his mother. This weekend will be 75 years since she passed away.

Yes, my father was very young when she died; only 11.

I’m named after her.

My father said that he’ll pick me up about noon time and I should bring my appetite.

I can do that, sure, but I think I’ll bring something else. I’m actually bringing a lot of curiosity, too. He has always talked about his other relatives whom I never knew, or the ones I knew but only after they had their strokes.

I think I’ll try to find out a little bit more about his mother, this trip.

After all, TSA hasn’t figured out a way to disallow curiosity, Greek myths aside.

And thank G-d, it weighs very little.


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