no, tomorrow is NOT my birthday!

This should come under the category of Big Brother.

Okay, now that’s added.

On my way to the library today, I stopped at the bank. I just needed to use the ATM, but that was busy and there was actually no one at the tellers, so I stepped right in. A young woman whom I’ve never seen before was there to assist me. She was particularly chatty, not particularly business-like.

“Oh, my grandmother’s birthday is November 22nd, too!”

And before I could say what?, she corrected herself.

“Sorry, I was reading the wrong line. I see it’s December 2nd, tomorrow! Happy Birthday!”

And before I could say what?, she added:

“You were born in 1916? You don’t look that old!”

And then I said, “What? What does it say? Why hasn’t anyone else said anything before this?”

What else do they have wrong, I wondered to myself.

“Go over to the woman at the desk and she’ll correct it right away. It will just take a minute. Isn’t that funny?”

Yeah, a minute turned into at least 10. Someone else came over to me and said she couldn’t believe the mistake, but could I just give my driver’s license to that young woman and she’ll write down all the details and they’ll correct it so I don’t have to wait any longer.

After all, I’m not getting any younger…


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