playing with my new camera

I thought I’d be able to add photos on the photo page–it’s not so set up for it. It’s really just for a one-shot comment. So I’ll put some new ones here. Since I’m keeping personal photos off, I will only put up the ones from my trip that are nondescript. Not even any backs, though. But see if you can see the staples on the tree.

You can’t? Let’s try another one, then. Click on this one to get the detail, if you want.

Wait–still not showing up so easily. I do see one, but only one.

Let’s try one more.

Yup–there they are! I was fascinated by the way the staples have become part of the tree, sort of how birds flock to high tension lines to get to the berries and flowers that start growing there, so the natural cycle gets misaligned to take in the power lines.

So that’s what it is to be part of the first world now. If we’re lucky, we get to see trees in their natural habitat without staples in them. But if we’re lucky, we get to have trees around us, even with the staples.


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