things i need to remember to pack

Yes, we’re going away again for Thanksgiving and I am giving thanks that we are going to be with most of the kiddies for the weekend. Sushi, here we come! ISHI has a perpetual packing list on his computer that he modifies for each trip. Not a bad idea. For him.

But really, for me, each trip is so different  that it wouldn’t make sense to make a general list. I know, this is not a new topic. In fact, I obsessed about this here just last year before our trip to Montreal. I did once download a Pre-Travel Checklist and put that on my computer.

But really, wouldn’t you do all of these things, anyway?

Then there’s this one that actually lists what to pack (although a bit dated already–video tapes?).

But not really. It still doesn’t help me figure out what outfits to bring! It doesn’t adjust things for the temperature of where we’re going (yes it says hot or cold, but what if it’s both, or lukewarm?), and help me figure out how many shoes I’ll really want (because, if you remember, I gotta have my shoes to be comfortable!)

And it doesn’t list the particular items that I want to bring because I just don’t want to not have them.

Yes, it has the little lines so you can add things in, but you might as well do that yourself while you’re packing.

But are you driving or flying?

The difference of packing with driving and packing with flying is enormous, of course. You don’t have to limit yourself when you’re going in the car.

But still…

We’re going one place for one night and then another place for another night (Shabbat), and then back to the first place for another two nights. Two bags, I think.

But this is what I need that none of the lists talk about:

  1. my tea–Celestial Seasonings Decaf Sweet Coconut Thai Chai Tea (thanks, D#2, for turning me onto it! I can’t get enough — well, I buy it now 4 boxes at a time, so maybe I can. Ooh! They have a spa trip giveaway on their website now!) I don’t have to bring my kefir this time, since D#1 found it, yay!
  2. my coffee (has to be Fair Trade and strong, Sumatra, if possible)
  3. my travel coffee maker (I know, obsessive. But actually it saves us money, making it at D#1’s house and not having to go out for coffee. Which we will do, anyway, of course.)
  4. my new camera (Yay! Yes the lists have cameras, but they don’t specify which one you should take, do they? Do you want quick memories or lasting ones?)
  5. rechargeable batteries for the camera
  6. charging cords for the phone, the little computer, for the car
  7. ooh–updating our GPS! (I’m glad I thought of that. I’m going out to the car now to get it. And I’ll even remember to put it back, I hope.)

And if you want to freak out a little (!) and never travel, I’d suggest watching these videos (How to Protect Your Home While Travelling, How to Travel Safely) put out by Stratfor.


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