things i didn’t think i needed to pack but oh well

To add to the previous list:

  1. challah dough (why not?)
  2. bread (no bread where we’re going without sugar??)
  3. oh and my nutritional yeast, but I (almost) always remember to take that.
  4. might as well take some cake, while I’m at it. And that takes the cake, whatever that expression means. (take the cake (third-person singular simple present takes the cakepresent participle taking the cakesimple past took the cakepast participle taken the cake)
    1. [for some reason I can’t get rid of the 5 above; please forgive my incompetence ](idiomatic, US) To be especially good or outstanding.Thanks! You guys take the cake.Once the party was over, everyone agreed that Elizabeth and her Harriet Tubman getup had taken the cake.
    2. (idiomatic, US) To be particularly badobjectionable, or egregioussyn.I’ve seen bad grammar, but this takes the cake.)

The things we do for love.


3 responses

    • i forgot to tell you that we saw the line of jackets in new haven when we were there a couple of weeks ago, all lined up in the storefront window. they looked so nice!!!

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