no i haven’t found a red poppy pin yet

but there’s still time.

There’s always time, right?

Last year, I wrote about the power of a symbol, the red poppy, for Veterans Day. And I am pretty amazed that a lot of people (really a lot) have looked at this in the last week, in particular. Obviously, people are moved by symbols and ritual. Look at how people do up Halloween, if you need any proof of that.

If I needed any other reminders, today’s Writer’s Almanac selection zeroed in on it:

When the War is Over

by W. S. Merwin

When the war is over
We will be proud of course the air will be
Good for breathing at last
The water will have been improved the salmon
And the silence of heaven will migrate more perfectly
The dead will think the living are worth it we will know
Who we are
And we will all enlist again

In the sense of Santayana’s “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”, will we/can we ever learn?

So should we all be down protesting, joining with the 99%?

I don’t know about you, but…

We don’t have to revisit the 60’s. I was an “outside agitator” then. A few of us from high school went to the local university to join in the protests against the Viet Nam war. I remember how simplistically I thought and how simple it looked to me. War was wrong! We shouldn’t be there! We should get out!

Actually, that was true. But to give credence to a bunch of teenagers, or even to overgrown ones…

I am disgusted by so much of what the tent protest has turned into, an excuse to fall into empty catchphrases and yes, Antisemitism. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please look at Urban Infidel’s findings, if you have the stomach. A few years ago, I read an amazing book, The Death of  the Grown-Up, by Diana West. She blogs also at DianaWest. Yes, for sure, she’s very straight-laced conservative. But what I admire the most about her is the way that she does connect the dots, of how the fear of growing old allows the uninformed youth (of any age, really) to take over popular culture, which gives way to multiculturalism and not too far behind, giving in to the giving in to all other forms.

Except your own.

We make excuses for everyone, but have no standards. Yes, 1% should not have all the wealth, but blaming the right or the left obviously doesn’t work. They’re both guilty. Let’s kick all the elected people out of office, abolish all privileges, and then see who wants to be elected.

We are owed nothing except respect. What are we doing after that?


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