entrance into the museum is free on wednesday evenings, so

my friend T invited me to go with her and a bunch of people. The bunch of people realized that it was not a kid-friendly time to go, right before or after dinner, but we went anyway. And sure enough, there were a bunch of other people there with their kids (although oy vey it must have been really hard to get them not to TOUCH everything and oy vey some of the parents weren’t doing the best of jobs stopping them), along with the requisite art students. The woman at the front desk could figure out who was who–she only needed to register your zip code. When the artsy people came in, she just said to them “so and so zip?”, being the zip code of the most local art college, and she zipped them in.

And the museum was lovely and amazing and there were some unbelievably beautiful things. And when we looked at a tree that was standing in the courtyard, we really were mesmerized, not really sure how that tree got so transfixed to be so amazingly beautiful.

Well-done, museum. You have done your job, transforming reality.

I wanted to leave a donation, but I only had big bills (like that ever happened before!!!), so I said, “No problem. We’ll look for something in the gift shop.”

No problem at all!!! Except that we weren’t finding things that were reasonable, or usable for that price. There were some stunning vases, but I would be afraid to use them, with my luck.

And then the woman at the front desk saw that we were eyeing some jackets and she zipped right over to us and pulled one out and told us how she had a few of them and we had to try them on and we wouldn’t regret it. She found one and she put it on and she was right–it was gorgeous. Then she found one for me and she was right–it was striking. Then my friend T wanted her to find her one, but she got called over to the desk to talk to some other visitor (I know, the NERVE!), so we actually attempted to find something on our own. We did find something, but we were relieved when she returned to us.

“Well, I was thinking of this one for you”, she says, and she pulls out another one that was indeed lovely. But what about the one that she had tried on originally? Could she try that one, even though it was more expensive? Sure, why not?

And it was fabulous, by all accounts. So we were thrilled and giddy and of course we would buy a membership at the museum because of course then there would be a discount!

A friend of ours noted that even in paradise, you always have to exit through the gift shop. Someone made a movie out of it.

We just bought ourselves some art. And our mothers are smiling down at us, very proudly.


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