the good things about losing power

Thank G-d we got through this one. But yes, we lost power for even longer than we did only 2 months ago.

Yes I thought a lot about things to blog about, this past day and a half without electricity. But I did not write them down, even in an old-fashioned way. But here are some things I did come up with, during and/or after the ordeal. And, as usual, not in any particular order, unless I designate it as such:

  1. Our guests who were here for Shabbat left on Sunday morning without too much problem. We worked as a team to clean off the cars, she and I, and then I cleared off the driveway pretty easily. Our husbands were both pretty useless, both having been sick, but we’re of the Lake Wobegon school, anyway.
  2. Going outside to clean up all the branches and leaves was a great work-out, especially since it was warmer outside than in by that point today.
  3. It helps me lose any vestige of magical thinking, as I brought my perishing perishables to a friend’s house, as I had done just 2 months ago. That time, right before I left, ISHI called to say that the power was back on. It didn’t happen this time.
  4. This poor woman, who anxiously called me today to find out if this was normal to lose power so often here, having just moved here a few months ago, was found a place to eat, shower, and crash tonight, thanks to a good family I called upon (thanks again, purple!)
  5. Isn’t it true that we’re not really in power, after all, anyway, so we might as well have these reminders, since we seem to forget so easily? Maybe this should be #1, or the last one, but maybe not.
  6. I found out from talking to neighbors that we actually do have hot water, since it’s controlled with a thermocoupler and not with an electric system. Good to know, even if I do not know what that means, honestly. It was also good to talk to these neighbors and be neighborly.
  7. I went to a shvitz with my friend T, and then luxuriate in a hot shower. Even though we had hot water, I couldn’t dry my hair at home, so that wouldn’t have been fun. So that was a great treat, especially after lugging heavy branches for a couple of hours.
  8. ISHI had little option but to go to sleep, a sleep that he’s been avoiding for many months now, since before his father’s death and throughout all the holidays. He was feeling better even. Except now he’s realizing that he isn’t quite over his cold from last week. Oh well, so not everything can be good.
  9. Extra blankets are easier to put on than worrying about no air conditioning. To a point.
  10. It was great that it prevented kids from going around tonight begging, I mean, doing their halloweeeeen thing. Except for the IDIOT  parents who let their kids go around our neighborhood. In the dark. In the really dark. I swear there should be licenses for parents, renewable every 3 years, with heavy fines for such stupidity.
  11. Simplify simplify simplify.
  12. We feel so wonderful when it goes back on.

2 responses

  1. A world without electricity is a real world. We don’t need power, cars, televisions, light bulbs, or computers. Those things are luxury, imprinted into us from too much repetition. When the power goes out it’s a nice reminder that what we have created isn’t eternal.

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