changing seasons, changing hats

Twice a year, for the last number of years since the kids have been out of the house, I undergo the my ritual of taking the past season’s boxes of hats out of my closet, going upstairs to S#1’s armoire, taking out the coming season’s boxes, and transferring them.

What? There are more than two seasons?

Yes, true. But I only change twice a year. I pretty much wait to wear the heavy hats until it’s really cold, and then I embrace the opportunity to switch to the lighter weight ones ASAP. That doesn’t include the bunches of hats I have together in shoe boxes, separated by color and weight, that are in our coat closet. Not that I have that many hats, I don’t think. I do weed them out on a pretty regular basis, because what’s the point of keeping things you don’t use?

I used to keep them all in the coat closet, but then I felt that there was too much competition with ISHI’s hats. Why compete when you can each have your own space? It’s a reasonable model for marriage in general. After all, you have to know where you stand in all aspects of life

I figure that Rosh Chodesh Cheshvan is probably a good indication of the time to switch hats for the season.

Then again, snow on the roof is probably a good one, too.


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