15 animals on the loose, again:(

The book that D#1 took home, or one of her offspring, was not the one that I need to return to the library.

Here’s the emails, with names, etc., removed to protect the clueless: (You should read it from bottom to top, but–it’s not that important for me to format it, so I guess you’ll get the drift.)

Yes, I can mail it back, but the one we have isn’t a library book!

—–Original Message—–

From: Ima

Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 11:16 PM

To: D#1

Subject: RE: Blog

Yes I do! Can you mail it back, please?

That explains everything:)

—–Original Message—–

From: D#1

Sent: Monday, October 24, 2011 10:36 PM

To: Ima

Subject: Blog

By animals do you mean the Sandra Boynton book? If so, I’m pretty sure we accidentally took your copy home.


So, bottom-line here, book still missing. They took one of my Sandra Boynton books, Philadelphia Chickens, with the 15 Animals as one of the songs inside.

And for you, dear D#1, in order to get the Bob song out of your head, here’s a new one for today.


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